Final Task

Blog Posts
This is a pretty cool post, and it talks about this new technology that seems to blowing up on the internet. Its really cool, and its definitely worth a watch.
Again this is really just a cool video, and it takes place in Japan which makes it cooler. The technology in this video seems like it is really simple, but it feels really innovative and new.
This guy is amazing and i think its absolutely on on the videos from my blog that you have to see. The guy climbs up thousands of feet on the side of a mountain, and half the time he’s hanging on just two fingers. If you’re afraid of heights though, you may feel nauseous by the end of the clip.
This video i just found this week, but i thought it was hilarious and i wanted to post about it. I keep laughing every time i see the guy take his hands away from the other guy’s face and suddenly there is a beard.
This is one of my first blog posts, and it features a video which i found on stumbleupon, but it is amazing. It’s a time lapse video of Spain’s highest mountain and the images it produces are just beautiful.

Peices of Work
I worked pretty hard on this one, mainly because i procrastinated it until 2 nights before it was due, but it turned out pretty good in the end. I like it because its funny, and somewhat original, and even though i made a few mistakes like forgetting to put the cast and producers thing at the end, I still think its awesome.
I thought my culminating was really good, and i couldnt pick out which part of it i liked the best so i decided to pick the prezi, which includes all of its aspects. My flash took the most time, and it turned out pretty good, even though the humour is a little dark. Everything else is decent, but it all turned out good.
Photography unit

I really enjoyed the photography unit even though it was a bit short, and although i liked all of my pictures from the unit, these two are my favorites. They seem like they were really well done (even though i just got kind of lucky when taking the pictures) and they turned out well.

This year many great things happened, and along with that came many disasters. I think that this was a good year for me, and I changed, although I don’t know how to describe how I changed, it happened. This video had some great clips and highlights of the good and bad of the year, and it made me happy. I am certain that all of the hype about the end of the world in 2012 is bs and none of it is true, but i think its going to be a good year for everybody. Also its going to be an awesome year for movies – – especially looking forward to Django Unchained. Gonna be a good year.

Battlefield 3 Simulator

This British television gadget show contacted a group of specialists to make a realistic video game simulator, and it is really cool. They included a variety of aspects, like an interactive treadmill, multiple projectors, responsive LEDs, infrared scanners that allow the projectors to move the image around the 360 degrees screen, and paintball guns that fire at you when someone in the game fires at you. If this was somehow released to the public it would make gaming a whole different concept, and everything would be much more interesting. You always have the fear that somebody is going to be shooting at you, so you’re on your toes, and it makes you feel like you are actually in the game. I say well done to these guys, this is awesome.

Shark Attack

This raw live footage of a shark attack is brutal, and extremely hard to watch. The swimmer is simply unaware the horrible creature lurking right behind him, and when he finally realizes his position it’s too late. It’s videos like these that make me think about how safe it really is in the water, when at any moment a shark could attack. Its hard not to be afraid of the sharks that can rip you apart in seconds, but if you want to feel safe in the water you have to ignore the facts. That poor swimmer…

Quantum Levitation Race

This video shows how far our technology is advancing, and what we’ll be able to accomplish in the future. The video has cars on a racetrack, but they are levitating. That should be enough to make anybody interested, but if thats not enough, they also have checkpoints that allow the cars to slow down and speed up due to magnetic fields.

Somebody I Used to Know

This video is probably so popular because its unique. This is really the first time ive ever seen five people playing the guitar, and im pretty sure most people would agree. It also helps that all the people in the video have really strong voices, and that the song is pretty cool too. These guys are sure to gain some fame in the future, and they’ll probably go on tour somtime soon.


I saw this video and i honestly dont know what to say about it. It is awesome. The guy gets out of his car and is apoligetic because he thought he hurt the bearded guy and then the guy goes up to him, grabs his face, and whispers beard. then, when he removes his hands, the guy has a beard. That in itself makes this video awesome.

Shampoo Prank

This video is pretty funny, and it is an easy and simple prank. One person is taking a shower, and everytime he tries to rub the shampoo out of his hair, his friend pours more on top of his head. But since the shower is going the entire time, he doesnt notice that more and more shampoo is being added, so he thinks its just not coming out. Its almost foolproof, and the only thing that could go wrong would be if the kid turned around and saw him.

Tree Illusion

This web article shows the photography skills of Zander Olsen. He creatively adds white wrap to the trunks of trees to create an illusion with the background of the image. The wrap makes it seem like the background’s colour is inverted, and if gives an interesting effect. I think the first two look better than the latter, as they have the wrap situated in the middle of the tree, and the top and bottom of the wrap match the mountains in the background. The last two however, only use the top of the wrap to match the line where the ground and sky meet. The image is skillfully created regardless, and the overall effect is impressive.

Every Day is Exactly the Same

Random song I remember from the movie Wanted, which was alright. The song is sick and NIN is sick, even though its actually just one guy. This isnt the actual video for the song, and apparently the actual video was cancelled mid-production. I kind of wanted to see what the real video would have looked like, but this one will do.


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